Attorney Referrals

Attorney ReferralsBail Bonds Doctor works closely with most all of the successful attorneys in Minnesota. We understand that finding an attorney that works well with you and is experienced in your type of case can be difficult. That’s why here at the Bail Bonds Doctor, we offer free-of-charge attorney referrals to all of our clients. Call us and tell us the situation, and we will refer you to the attorney that has success relating to that specific crime.

For attorney referrals in the state of Minnesota, you can always trust the professional bondsmen here at The Bail Bonds Doctor.

Attorneys – Do I need one?

Having an attorney is the different between going to jail or not. A public defender can be assigned up to 10 cases a day on average, and carry over 100 cases at any given time. This means that they do not have the time available to give you a proper legal defense. Because of this it is always better to go with a private attorney whenever possible. Private attorneys only carry a case load of 15 to 30 at any given time (usually). This can help to ensure that you get the proper legal representation and attention your case warrants. So the short answer to the question “Do I need an attorney?” is always a resounding “YES”!

Stuck in Jail With No Bail?

Stuck in jail with no bail? Call us immediately and discuss your Minnesota Bail Bonds. We will refer you to a criminal attorney that will be able to get a bail ordered and get your loved one home where they should be, where they belong!

There are hundreds of criminal attorneys in the state of Minnesota, only a few are able to see a judge and request a bail to be ordered! So call The Bail Bonds Doctor at 612-332-3030 and we will refer you to a professional attorney today.