Stearns County Bail Bonds

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If you are in trouble with the law and require assistance from a Stearns County bail bondsman, consider us here at The Bail Bonds Doctor. To make things affordable, we offer convenient payment plans. This helps you to maintain your freedom while you await your trial. If you are short of funds and cannot post bail, call us. We are always available and will make sure that you get released.

Reliable and affordable Stearns County bail bonds are always just a quick phone call away. Never forget that with The Bail Bonds Doctor, “the doctor is always in.”

Understanding the Bail Bonds Process

When discussing bail bonds in Stearns County, the state of Minnesota offers arrested individuals a way to avoid spending unnecessary time behind bars. The first step is facing a judge who will set bail. The defendant’s criminal history, the seriousness of the crime, and other circumstances will be weighed before an amount is decided. If it is a large dollar amount, you may have trouble gathering the cash for payment. When this occurs, you can ask for help from a Stearns County bail bonds company. It is usual for bail bonds to cover 10 percent of the amount owed.

What are Bail Bond in Stearns County?

After a person has completed his or her trial, cash that was paid for bail will be refunded. The bail bonds process is a little different. Bond is like an insurance policy for the court, which ensures that a defendant will show up at trial. It is covered by a Stearns County bail bondsman. If a client does not appear at trial, this professional will try to capture the escapee and will demand payment.

Finding a Dependable Stearns County Bail Bonds Company

There are a variety of companies that provide Stearns County bail bonds services. At the top of the list is The Bail Bonds Doctor. We always take the worries out of the bail bonds process. We will post any amount that you need. We know that budgets are tight, so we are there to help take the financial burdens off of your shoulders. If you want to work with an experienced and trusted company to post bail bonds in Stearns County, look no further than us. For extra convenience, we welcome clients who speak Spanish. Also, we offer legal assistance to those who need it. When you want help getting out of trouble, call us at (612)332-3030. We will get you released without problems.

Our team of Stearns County bail bonds professionals is always standing by to help you get out of jail quickly and at an affordable rate!