St. Louis County Bail Bonds

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The Bail Bonds Process

The bail bonds process can be easily broken into the following steps:

  • Arrest – First and foremost someone must be arrested and awaiting a trial behind bars a local jail or prison facility.
  • Hearing and Bail Set – Next, the arrested person will sit through a hearing and the judge will set an appropriate bail amount based on the crime and reputation of the arrested individual.
  • Contact a Bail Bonds Company in St. Louis – Next, there are 2 possible paths an arrested person can take. They can pay the full amount of the set bail or contact a bail bonds company.
  • Bail is Posted – After you contact a bail company and they pay, or you pay the full amount yourself, bail is considered posted and you’re free to return home to await your full trial.
  • Make Trials and Court Dates – In exchange for your freedom awaiting your trial, you must agree to make all court dates and trial appointments. If you do not, then the bail amount will not be returned and there will be a warrant placed out for your arrest. Remember, skipping bail is a serious crime.

The Cost of Bail Bonds in St. Louis County

Bail bonds in St. Louis County vary depending on a number of factors. These factors include, but are not limited to:

  • Crime Committed
  • Previous Offenses
  • In-Jail Behavior

After bail is set, the defendant has the right to either pay the bail amount in full themselves or to get a bond. A bond is handled by a bonds company and usually winds up costing the defendant considerably less money up front. In fact, bail bonds are often priced at 10% of the bond in question as a fee.

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