Benton County Jail Information

Are you looking for information about Benton County jail in Foley, Minnesota? Whether you need to contact an inmate or need the address so that you can stop by, this page has all of the information that you need about the jail in Benton County. The team at the Bail Bonds Doctor is well-versed regarding Benton County jail information as well, and we can assist you in procuring the release of your friend or loved one. In the meantime, get the information that you need, including the Benton County jail phone number and address, by reading on below. Locating Benton County Jail Inmates If someone you know is being detained at the Benton County jail, you might want to come visit them or work to secure their release through a bail bond or other option. The Bail Bonds Doctor is happy to provide Benton County jail inmate information whenever possible, and we are the local authority when it comes to bail bonds and related services. When it comes to contacting Benton County jail inmates, there are strict rules regarding phone calls, mail and visits. Please contact the jail for specific information regarding these rules, as they may change.

Contact Information for the Jail in Benton County

The jail is located at 581 MN 23 in Foley, Minnesota. To send mail to this address, use zip code 56329. Please note that the jail is located east of MN 25, and it is just west of 6th Avenue on the north side. Parking is available, so there is no need to find it on the street. The jail houses up to 120 inmates at a time. The Benton County jail phone number is 320-968-8180.

If you have any further questions or concerns regarding the Benton County jail, then please give us here at The Bail Bonds Doctor a call at 612-332-3030 today!

Benton County Jail Location