Cass County Jail Information

The Cass County Jail is a minimum security detention center that has 60 beds. It’s one of the smaller jails in the state of Minnesota. This jail in Cass County is one that is operating above the state maximum capacity. Most inmates are housed because of minimal crimes that have been committed or are awaiting trial before being transported to other facilities. Cass County jail information is posted on the website to give viewers an idea as to where the facility is located and services that are offered. Officers offer supervision for Cass County Jail inmates who have court appearances.

How Does The Jail Help?

Detention officers and other workers at the jail in Cass County work closely with the Cass County inmates to rehabilitate them before they are released. There are educational classes offered for those who want to earn a GED while in the jail. Some inmates have an option of working each day to earn a small amount of money while they are incarcerated in the Cass County Jail. The money earned can be used to purchase items from the commissary.

More Cass County Jail Information

Families can get more information about the work program by using the Cass County Jail phone number listed as (218) 547-7260. Cass County Jail inmate information can also be retrieved by calling this number. What Do Families Need To Know? The Bail Bonds Doctor can assist families in posting the bond amount to have an inmate released. The Cass County jail phone number (218) 547-7260 can be used to find out how much the bond would be before contacting the company. Cass County jail inmates are allowed certain visitation hours. There is an option to leave a message for an inmate. Families would need to provide proper Cass County Jail inmate information in order to leave a message, such as the name of the inmate or birthdate. Cass County Jail information online includes the address to send letters and cards along with the visitation procedure. Operating hours for the jail are 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

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