Duluth County Jail Information

At the Bail Bonds Doctor, people commonly come to our team in search of Duluth County Jail information, and if you know someone who is behind bars, you are probably looking for answers. To make everything as simple as possible, we have compiled this guide to help people find the details that they need when it comes to the jail in Duluth County. If you can’t locate the thing for which you have been searching, you can call the Duluth County Jail phone number at (218) 726-2345 to speak with a deputy. When you do so, you can ask for Duluth County Jail inmate information, business hours and more. With every detail about the jail in Duluth County on hand, you can move forward with confidence.

Duluth County Jail Inmates

Not only can you call the Duluth County Jail phone number when you want Duluth County Jail inmate information, but you can also search online. On the website, you will find the Duluth County Jail inmates roster so that you can determine whether your friend or family member is currently facing time behind bars. Learning the location of your friend or loved one and the nature of the crimes with which they are being charged can put your mind at ease.

Duluth County Jail Visitation

Those who have loved ones in jail will want to know about the Duluth County Jail visiting hours. If you would like to see someone in jail, you will first need to speak with a deputy to learn what steps you need to take. You can also write inmates at 4334 Haines Rd, Duluth, MN 55811. Staying in touch with an inmate about whom you care is a great way to plan your next step. Also, remember that getting arrested is only a roadblock and does not need to have a lasting impact.

If you have any further questions or concerns regarding Duluth County jail, then please give us here at The Bail Bonds Doctor a call at 612-332-3030 today!

Duluth County Jail Location