Hennepin County Jail Information

The jail in Hennepin County of Minnesota has two locations in Minneapolis but these locations work together as one cohesive facility. The City Hall facility has 509 beds, and the Public Safety facility has 330 beds. The City Hall Adult Detention Center is located at 350 South 5th Street Minneapolis, MN 55415 and the Public Safety Facility Adult Detention Center is located at 401 South 4th Avenue, Suite 100 Minneapolis, MN 55415 You can also contact the sheriff’s office using the following information: Phone: 612-348-5112 Fax: 612-596-8145 Email: sheriff.jailinfo@hennepin.us.How Do I Find More Hennepin County Jail Information?

If you need information about sending mail or visiting a loved one, see the FAQ page on the city’s section about the jails. This section shows you how to receive calls from an inmate, where to send mail and when you can visit as well as other Hennepin County Jail information. If you also have questions about posting bail for an inmate The Bail Bonds Doctor can help. If your loved one is incarcerated in Hennepin County Jail our safe and effective bail bonds can get them out fast. We only charge 10 percent of the total bail amount to get your loved one out of the Hennepin County Jail. Please contact The Bail Bonds Doctor to learn more and get started now.

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Hennepin County Jail Location