Ramsey County Workhouse

The Ramsey County workhouse in Saint Paul offers education and job opportunities for men and women serving up to one year. Classes are taught by workhouse instructors and officers. We also offer a work release program.

Ramsey County Workhouse Inmate Information

In addition to recovery programs, religious services, healthcare and library privileges, inmates at the Ramsey County workhouse can attend basic reading, math and writing classes. The workhouse in Ramsey County also offers a GED prep course, driver’s education classes, and allows inmates to explore career options. Computer and personal finance classes are also available.

Personal Skills Taught On Site At Ramsey County Workhouse

In additional to job skills, Ramsey County workhouse inmates are taught personal skills to help them thrive after their sentence ends. These skills are commonly taught in the workhouse kitchen, nursery, laundry room and golf course. Ramsey County workhouse inmates are also responsible for keeping the dorms clean.

Ramsey County Workhouse Information Regarding Work Release Programs

Work and school release program participants been cleared by a judge to leave the facility during set hours. All inmates are regularly screened for drugs and alcohol. They must show proof of a job outside the facility or provide a class schedule to receive work release privileges. For more a full list of requirements or other Ramsey County workhouse inmate information, call the Ramsey County workhouse phone number below.

Contact Us For More Information On The Workhouse In Ramsey County

The workhouse in Ramsey County also offers an electronic home monitoring program that allows inmates to serve time in their home rather than at the facility. Ramsey County workhouse information can be obtained in person by visiting 297 South Century Avenue in Saint Paul. The Ramsey County workhouse phone number is 651-266-1432.

If you have any further questions or concerns regarding the Ramsey County workhouse, then please give us here at The Bail Bonds Doctor a call at 612-332-3030 today!

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