St. Louis Park Jail Information

At the Bail Bonds Doctor, people often come to us with questions about the St. Louis Park Jail, which is understandable. If someone you know is behind bars, contacting that person is not always as easy as you would hope. You can start by calling the St. Louis Park Jail phone number at 952-924-2600. If you want to visit a friend or family member at the jail, it is located at 3015 Raleigh Ave. Before you make the trip, ensure that you do so during visiting hours so that you don’t run into any problems along the way.

St. Louis Park Jail Inmate Information

Not only do people want to discover St. Louis Park Jail information, but they also want to know about the St. Louis Park Jail inmates. If someone you know has gone missing and you believe that they might be in jail, you can look up St. Louis Park Jail inmates on the official website. Keep in mind that the roster is updated every hour, so it’s possible that your friend or loved one is being held but not yet listed. If you can’t find the St. Louis Park Jail information for which you have been searching online, you might need to speak with a deputy to gain St. Louis Park Jail inmate information.

Calling the Jail in St. Louis Park

If you wish to learn more about the jail in St. Louis Park but are unable to find what you need online, calling the office is your best option. Because it’s staffed 24/7, you won’t have any trouble reaching someone when you need answers. After you call the St. Louis Park Jail phone number, the system will connect you with an official who will address your concerns. You can learn about the St. Louis Park Jail visiting hours and more.

If you have any further questions or concerns regarding St. Louis Park jail, then please give us here at The Bail Bonds Doctor a call at 612-332-3030 today!

St. Louis Park Jail Location