Factors Considered When Setting Bail in Minnesota

Here at the Bail Bonds Doctor, Inc., we understand that the average person does not know what factors judges and the court system used for determining what amount the defendant’s bail should be set at. So, in light of that factoid, we have decided to put together a quick list of all the significant factors that go under consideration when judges determine how high or low to set any particular defendant’s bail amount.

Factors Considered by Judges that Contribute to MN Bail Amounts

A Court in Minnesota is required to consider the following factors and issues when setting bail for any defendant:

  • The nature of the crime that the defendant is charged with
  • Evidence
  • The defendant’s employment status and income
  • The financial resources available to the defendant at the time
  • The mental condition and overall character of the defendant
  • The safety of the community if the defendant is released
  • Flight risk (how likely the defendant is to skip bail and run from the law)
  • Length of residence of the defendant in the community where the crime in question was committed
  • The family ties of the defendant
  • The safety of the victim (if there was one)
  • The security of anyone else even remotely involved with the case

The Difference Between Conditional and Unconditional Bail in Minnesota

In addition to the factors above that go under consideration whenever a judge sets bail for a particular defendant, two different types of bail can be given by that same judge. The two types of bail bonds in Minnesota are:

  • Conditional Bail
    Conditional bail means that the bail being given is limited to help assure the defendant’s appearance in court (to reduce their flight risk). Common conditions given in conditional bail situations are random drug tests, staying away from specific locations, staying away from liquor stores and bars, not leaving the state and more.
  • Unconditional Bail
    Unconditional bail is precisely what it sounds like, bail without conditions (other than being required to show up for court dates, that is).

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