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What Is Skipping Bail?

What Is Skipping Bail? Skipping bail is when a person posts bail but fails to appear at their assigned court date. Typically, people skip bail to avoid prosecution or sentencing proceedings. You could even argue that skipping bail defeats the entire purpose of the bail system. When a person jumps (skips) bail, they forfeit their… Read more »

The Federal Bail Bond System

The Federal Bail Bond System The Federal court criminal justice system can be confusing to navigate alone. Not many people know the details of it or how to explain what it is. In addition, the federal bail bond system is not as straightforward as the state court system. A loved one cannot be released immediately… Read more »

What’s Factored Into Setting Minnesota Bail Amounts?

Factors Considered When Setting Bail in Minnesota Here at Bail Bonds Doctor, Inc., the average person does not know how judges and the court system determine bail amounts. So here is a quick list of the factors under consideration when judges decide how high or low to set any particular defendant’s bail amount. Factors Considered… Read more »

New Hands-Free Mobile Phone Law in Minnesota

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New Hands-Free Mobile Phone Law in Minnesota According to the Office of Traffic Safety, Governor Tim Walz signed a hands-free phone bill in Minnesota on April 12 that went into effect August 1, 2019. Minnesota is the next in a long line of states to ban mobile phone use while operating a motor vehicle. However,… Read more »

New Restrictions For Minnesota Bail Bonds

New Restrictions For Minnesota Bail Bonds Bail companies in Minnesota have had a problem with underhanded, dishonest and amoral business practices in the last few years. These kinds of behaviors have prompted the Minnesota Commerce Department to issue new restrictions and regulations regarding the business practices of bail bonds providers in the area. Here at… Read more »

Bail Bonds – Not for Europe?

Bail Bonds – Not for Europe? June 21, 2015 | Dianna O’Brien Just one more reason to love the US of A — we have bail bonds! It was a fascinating topic to the Europeans I met recently while in London. They were confused – intruiged – and amazed! It’s strange to think there’s no… Read more »

Bail Bonds Doctor Scott County Office Now Open!

Bail Bonds Doctor Scott County Office Now Open! January 5, 2015 | Dianna O’Brien Bail Bonds Doctor is proud to present our newest office in Shakopee MN to service Scott County Jail and Carver County Jail. Mike Neill will be manning the office to help clients in need of bail bonds in the southwest metro…. Read more »

Bail Bonds In Minnesota

Bail Bonds In Minnesota By Aaron Schwinn May 1, 2014 | Aaron Schwinn Aaron Schwinn is a top consultant in the bail bonds industry. Listen as he explains the process.