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Can You Bail Someone Out from Another State?

Can You Bail Someone Out from Another State? Loved ones or friends living in another state are already stressful enough. You may feel like it would be hard for you to be there for them if they need something or if something goes wrong, and this is especially true if your friend or loved one… Read more »

What Is Skipping Bail?

What Is Skipping Bail? Skipping bail is when a person posts bail but fails to appear at their assigned court date. Typically, people skip bail to avoid prosecution or sentencing proceedings. You could even argue that skipping bail defeats the entire purpose of the bail system. When a person jumps (skips) bail, they forfeit their… Read more »

The Federal Bail Bond System

The Federal Bail Bond System The Federal court criminal justice system can be confusing to navigate alone. Not many people know the details of it or how to explain what it is. In addition, the federal bail bond system is not as straightforward as the state court system. A loved one cannot be released immediately… Read more »

Finding the Right Minnesota Bail Bonds Company

Finding the Right Minnesota Bail Bonds Company So you or your loved one need a bail bonds company; where do you start? Jail is never a good option, and that’s why bail bond companies (like us here at The Bail Bonds Doctor) exist. It’s our job to get you out of custody fast. Typically, you… Read more »

How Long After Posting Bail is the Defendant Released?

How Long After Posting Bail Is the Defendant Released? If you need our highly-rated services, you may have some questions, including: How long after posting bail is a defendant released? Spending time in jail produces vast amounts of stress, and quickly getting out as soon as possible becomes a priority. Fortunately, the Bail Bonds Doctor… Read more »

Why Hire A Bail Bonds Company?

what to do while you are out on bail

Why Hire A Bail Bonds Company? A Bail Bonds Company Is Sure To Get You The Money You Need Most of us don’t have an extra couple of 100,000 dollars just lying around, waiting to be used for bail. That’s why if we find ourselves in custody, we panic as soon as bail is set…. Read more »

Are Bail Bonds Necessary?

Are Minneapolis Bail Bonds Necessary? Minneapolis bail bonds have long been a fixture in American society for a good reason. Bail bonds are a critical piece of our justice system that ensures that everyone can afford an affordable way to pay for bail. Without bail bonds, there is no reliable way to ensure that everyone… Read more »

What To Do While Out On Bail

What To Do While Out On Bail Now that the Bail Doctor has returned your freedom, what should your next step be? What to do while out on bail? Well, the Bail Bonds Doctor has you covered. Our highly-rated team of bail bondsmen has decided to put together an article to help you better navigate… Read more »

Should I Hire a Bail Bondsman?

Should I Hire a Bail Bondsman? At the Bail Bonds Doctor, Inc., we often get asked: “Should I hire a bail bondsman or handle my bail myself?” This question is multifaceted, but a short answer would almost always be “yes.” There are several reasons to hire a bondsman instead of handling your bail. The most… Read more »

What’s Factored Into Setting Minnesota Bail Amounts?

Factors Considered When Setting Bail in Minnesota Here at Bail Bonds Doctor, Inc., the average person does not know how judges and the court system determine bail amounts. So here is a quick list of the factors under consideration when judges decide how high or low to set any particular defendant’s bail amount. Factors Considered… Read more »